Be Real, Because You Are.

Hello! Long time no blog I know, forgive me? :)

So what has been going on these last three months? Well as you may or may not know I’ve completed my certification in plant based nutrition from Cornell via the T. Colin Campbell foundation. Hooray! That’s right, yours truly is even more plant based nutrition savvy! Through the courses I learned not only about the science and benefits of a plant based diet but also about the common misconceptions most people have about what is healthy food. I myself was in the same position a few years ago. Thinking that low fat yogurt and 100 calorie packs of crackers were leading me to optimal health. I had fallen prey to the marketing and advertising seen on packaged foods, on TV, and countless ads in magazines. When I was consuming nothing but highly processed low fat snacks, I was actually at my unhealthiest. Big surprise. What I was missing was whole foods. Plant based, unprocessed whole foods.

With this in mind I started exploring what my own ideas were, and what a whole foods plant based diet means to me. Sort of my philosophy and what I will be sharing with my future clients and the world. What it boils down to is 5 words: Be Real, Because You Are.

What does Real mean?

  • Real means fresh
  • Real means grown without chemicals
  • Real means no GMO’s
  • Real means nourishing
  • Real means honest
  • Real means transparent
  • Real means fun
  • Real means pure
  • Real means connected
  • Real means grown, not made

Why should you Be Real?

  • Because you deserve it
  • Because you owe it to yourself
  • Because you are your best advocate
  • Because life is short
  • Because every moment counts
  • Because making one small change today can change the future
Why I’m Real?
  • I don’t compromise
  • I don’t make excuses
  • I treat my body like a temple
  • I cherish my food
  • I love the planet
  • I respect others
  • I give freely
  • I have faith
  • I believe even the smallest act can change the world

Wishing you the best in health and happiness!

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