Guest Post: 5 Things I Couldn’t Be Without

The following is a guest post by Executive Vegan Chef, Doug McNish. Doug promotes health, animal rights, and real food. I am lucky enough (so SO lucky) to be married to him so I get to eat his delicious food all the time but no fear! You can enjoy Doug’s tasty eats in your own home using his cookbook Eat Raw, Eat Well, coming to a bookstore near you March 27th. I was interested to see what 5 foods Doug would want to have with him should he find himself stranded on a deserted island. Here is his reply, enjoy!

Sure we have all thought about it before: “What if I were stranded on a dessert island, what would I do?” I too have pondered this but since I love food, it’s always been more like, “WHAT WOULD I EAT?”


As someone who lives a vegan lifestyle I wouldn’t be eating meat or trying to milk any animals. This got me to thinking, what 5 foods would I want with me to make me a happy chef?

1. Hemp SeedsContaining up to 5 grams of complete protein per tablespoon, these little puppies pack a strong protein punch as well as being a great source of omega fatty acids. I would hope that while catching some rays on the island I would be able to answer the age-old question: “so where do you get your protein?”

2. Nutritional YeastAn inactive yeast derived generally from beet molasses, these fortified super powered flakes are packed full of vitamin B-12. What vegan wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island and be able to make their favorite cheese sauce or be able to sprinkle it over organic popcorn?

3. MisoMiso is a paste that is generally made from fermented grains or legumes such as barley, soy, brown rice or chickpeas. It helps to provide a strong depth of flavor that is sometimes lacking in vegan cuisine.  The umami or extra sense of flavor that it provides would be a great addition to any gourmet meal on the island. Added bonus, miso soup is easy to make and easy to digest.

4. Blendtec BlenderOk, so this one isn’t exactly something I could use on a deserted island or an ingredient per say but it is the best blender on the market in my opinion.  I use my Blendtec more than I use my stove these days to make things like cashew cheesecake, raw soups or smoothies loaded withMum’s Original Super foods.  Give me my high-powered blender and I am one happy vegan chef!

5. Tonica KombuchaWe’ve touched on everything so far except for a nice refreshing drink.  If I’m on a deserted island I’m going to assume that I have red wine with me. (Wouldn’t everyone?) To combat those mornings after I’ve had one too many organic Chiantis I’m going to need something to wake me back up.  Kombucha is a fermented tea that helps aid in digestion, provides healthy bacteria for the body and is a convenient way to take away that morning after feeling.

So, the moral of the story.  Don’t get stranded on a deserted island if you don’t have to but if you do, make sure you have all of your favorite things with you.

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