Much Ado About Organic

“Why buy organic?”

I get this question a LOT. So much so that I realize most people don’t really know why buying organic over conventional is the right choice. Or, they don’t realize the value in buying organic. (The precursor to that question sometimes is “it’s more expensive so..”) So here is a quick little post about why you should value your health, the planet, and future generations by choosing organic.

  • Nutrient content - Plants derive their nutrients from the sun and the soil. The nutrients in the soil are in a pH balanced, perfectly textured “solution” that allows maximum absorption by plants. Unfortunately when a chemical cocktail of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides is dumped onto soil the balance is disrupted and nutrients are obliterated. Just take a look at this chart from a Rutger’s University Study:

Conventional: 0

Take a look at how much more iron is in organic spinach! Organic:1 , Conventional: 0. So why buy organic? To get the most bang for your buck.

  • Toxic overload – If you read the who, what, and how about the chemicals they are treating your conventional produce with, you’d run for cover. The most commonly used pesticides have been linked to low birth weight, brain disturbance in small children, and infertility. They are hormone disruptors and chemical scavengers. With more and more studies emerging about the severely negative effects of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides I’m putting my money in organic. Who wants that garbage in their healthy bod? Organic: 2, Conventional: 0.
  • Mama Earth – You know the story about the birds and the bees right? Do you also know that we need the birds, and the bees, and the grubs, and the slugs, and the flies, and lots of other little organisms to maintain the cycle of life in regards to plants? The problem with spraying is it wipes out one or more of the very important components of this cycle. Through the principle of natural selection, the most resistant pests survive and super bugs take over. The cycle is toast. In addition the run off of toxic water from farms enters our lakes, streams, and rivers only to destroy the aquatic ecosystem and pollute our drinking water. I’ll support farming practices that DON’T destroy our planet, thank you very much. Organic: 3, Conventional: 0.
  • Monsanto is evil - For real. They know their genetically produced crops will cause permanent damage. They know that BT corn is bad for humans, insects, and animals. They produced Agent Orange. Monsanto developed seeds account for approximately 90% of the world’s GMO crops. In addition to all of this they own, yes own, the patents and rights to their seeds and farmer’s are subject to serious repercussions for keeping or reproducing without proper permission. Why on Earth would I support a company like that?!? Organic: 4 , Conventional: 0 (minus extra points for evilness)
So there you have it friends. The reasons why I buy organic, and always will!
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6 thoughts on “Much Ado About Organic

  1. Great post girl! I can’t understand how some people don’t get this, why they refuse to spend money on their health yet they have no problem on spending money for a quick fix or some scheme/diet that doesn’t work. Maybe this post will help! I’m going to share this tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for posting such an important, informative and comprehensive article on a subject that most people are still skeptical about. Hopefully this will help shift their priorities and bring them closer to making better food choices, starting with buying organic produce – for the good of their own health and the health and sustainability of our planet. : )

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